1 on 1: Communicate Easy

The Free Version of Communicate Easy

Price:  FREE - Version 1.0.0             


It is now possible to download this free version of Communicate Easy and discover the many features that this app contains.  1 on 1: Communicate Easy should give you a good idea of the usefulness of the full version of the app.  If you like the free version, download the full version and enjoy the additional features it contains.


  • Add picture cards and folders (limited number in free version)
  • Make choices and follow schedules
  • Apply card symbols to cards
  • Use voice synthesiser or record your voice
  • Modes to allow editing or preventing modification
  • and more...

Extra Features in the Full Version

The features that you get in the full version that aren't included in 1 on 1 Communicate Easy are:

  • Unlimited items and folders
  • Add videos
  • Add books
  • First Then and Adhoc Choices/Schedules
  • Search function
  • Clipboard